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About Nepal Edufair 2019

With the world being upgraded in digitalization, Nepal is also in need of moving towards modernising systems of education by updating itself in the field of learning and technology to produceglobally competent human resource. As an effort to empower students and to promote new learning pedagogy in the context of Nepal, the concept of Nepal Edu Fair has been initiated.

The comprehensive college planning website, nepaledufair.com is a platform for students, parents and schools to become better acquainted about the educational institutes, download collaterals (brochures, application and examination forms), get answers to common questions through live chats, get expert’s advice and make more informed decisions. This website contains the photos and videos of different prestigious colleges in Nepal, and even digital campus walkthroughs,which can give prospective students and their parents an idea of what the campus is like. Transforming the traditional contents to experimental contents, Nepal Edu Fair offers virtual college tours with 360° x 360° views of different colleges in Nepal. Seeing a campus is the first step to imagining to study there!

The next stage of student’s journey (recruitment, application and enrolment process) is in our super content which enables students to maximize their goals. This platform provides students with free resources assistance and direct connections to schools and programs that suit their educational goals. We also host a wide array of information regarding scholarships, career and professional programs, application requisites, financial aids and other resources that students can depend upon when making their college choice.

How exhibitors can participate?

Nepal Edu Fair is a quality college planning tool which reaches tens of thousands visitors each month and is progressing to help the students realize their goal of earning a college degree. It thus offers custom advertising packages to all the interested exhibitors.Although the current web platform of Nepal Edu Fair is a trial version, interested exhibitors can participate from 16 th of Jestha, 2076.

The exhibitors, along with the virtual 360 tour of their colleges, can share their promotional contents and directly interact to the queries received from the students / parents. The registration fee for the participation is NRs .20, 000.00 (Twenty thousand rupees only).To know more about marketing opportunities for your college or specific program, please feel free to contact us providing the details of your name, title, the name of your institute, and a telephone number along with your preferred method of contact. The more we know about your institute, the better we can prepare to meet your needs!

Contact Details: Amit Kunwar
Phone Number: 9845274322
Email Address: amitkunwar141@gmail.com

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